Queen’s Top 5 Beauty Products

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

How to Use: When applying, use light pressure on eye lid for fine exact lines. This liner is perfect for the cat eye (winged). To add a thicker line, add more pressure.

Why I Recommend: This liner is loaded with pigmented liquid formula for a precise line and look. It is also vegan friendly. Also it is a all-day long wear liner that’s waterproof and smudge-resistant.

Shades: Ultra-black “Trooper Black” or Rich chocolate “Mad Max Brown”.

Beauty Tips:

  • Shake before use to keep formula flowing
  • Store liner with the tip down to keep brush hydrated
  • The lighter the pressure the lighter the line

Too Faced the Natural Nudes Palette

How to Use: Enhance the eyes by applying gently with a “all over the eye” brush. For creases use a “crease” brush.

Why I Recommend: Includes 16 highly pigmented shades to enhance your eyes. It is infused with coconut water to help replenish your skins moisture levels. This palette will create a young matte look. Glam it up with any of the sparkly shades!

Shades: Swim, shimmering pearl, nude, rose gold, warm rose, golden light, cocoa, sparkling sable, truffle, sugared chestnut, maple, sparkling rum, petal, sparkling sand, seashell and glistening snow.

Beauty Tips:

  • Apply before a eye primer for a more defined look
  • Pair the shimmer shades with the eye lid
  • Pair the mattes with the crease

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer

How to Use: Apply bronzer to cheekbones, temples, jawline, chin and neck for a natural sun-kissed look. Use a blush brush for the perfect look!

Why I Recommend: It pairs good with liquid, cream or powder products. Includes a mirror. Goes great with any undertones. For a natural look choose a shade that’s 2 shades deeper than your skin tone. For a intense look choose 3 shades deeper than your skin tone.

Shades: Rosewood, tawny, rich amber, cappuccino, saddle and mahogany.

Beauty Tips:

  • There is so many areas you can use this product for
  • Use it as a eye shadow for a warm crease

Clean Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster

How to Use: Squeeze the top of the dropper, submerge into product, release the pressure to capture the product then gently squeeze top of dropper and apply 2-3 drops onto clean finger tips. Apply and gently massage into skin.

Why I Recommend: This serum will brighten your skin while giving it a young rejuvenated look. The vitamin c will protect you from sun damage, ya radiation and pollution. Corrects your discoloration on skin and sweeps the dead skin cells.

Benefits: Has pineapple enzymes that helps restore your skin tone and complexion. The watermelon extract helps soothe and refine to reduce the look of wrinkles.

Beauty Tips:

  • Pair it up with a moisturizer for a booster
  • Apply to skin in an outward direction for better results
  • Use it in the morning for best results

Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer

How to Use: Smooth onto the eye lid and crease. Make sure to apply eyeshadow when the primer is fresh for a depth eye look.

Why I Recommend: This helps keep your shadows vibrant and lasts for a all day look. Helps minimize wrinkles for a rejuvenated look.

Benefits: Intensifies the shadows for a more pigmented look. Paraben-free. Improves skin texture and prevents those “tired eyes”.

Beauty Tips:

  • Apply over your daily moisturizer routine for a rejuvenated look
  • Apply under eyes to restore the tired look

I hope you all enjoyed my top 5 beauty products. Stay tuned for the next post!


Queen Denisse

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